Our Diagnostic Tools

Our in house laboratory equipment helps aide us in quick diagnostics for your pet when he or she is ailing. Blood work is useful in telling how internal organs, such as, liver, kidneys and heart are functioning as well as what your pet’s red and white blood cell count is.

Our laboratory is quick and efficient and up to date on the most advanced veterinary care. We know that when your pet is sick you want answers quickly. These tools help us give you those answers as fast as possible. Some tests only taking 90 seconds to complete.

Blood work monitoring is also done routinely for pets when they are on long term medications, such as anti-inflammatory and heart medications. We want to test your pets that are on these medications every six months to make sure that 1) they are staying at a therapeutic level in the bloodstream and 2) to make sure that are not causing any unwanted reactions.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions.