Heartworm Facts

Mosquitoes transmit heartworms to dogs and cats through their bite. Without a regular preventative being given, they can be infected with heartworm disease which affect the heart and lungs.

  • According to The American Heartworm Society, over 1 million dogs are infected with heartworms at any one time.
  • Heartworm disease if left untreated can be fatal
  • Heartworm Preventative should be given year-round
  • Texas has one of the highest percentages of heartworm infected dogs
  • Common signs of an adult heartworm infection include coughing, difficulty breathing and lethargy.

Heartworm Preventatives that we carry

We carry a number fantastic preventatives. You can choose one that suits your lifestyle. Preventatives are a prescription drug so we must have seen your pet for an examination with doctor and be up to date on a heartworm test before prescribing this medication.

  • Heartgard Plus: a once monthly beef flavored chew (dogs only)
  • Sentinel: a once monthly chewable tablet. Also acts as a birth control for fleas (dogs only)
  • Trifexis: a once monthly chewable tablet. Also kills most stages of the flea. (dogs only)
  • Revolution: a topical once monthly preventative that also controls fleas and ticks. (dogs and cats)
  • ProHeart6: a 6 month injectable preventative. (dogs only)

Latest Heartworm Treatment

Should your dog ever become heartworm positive, we have the safest and most advanced heartworm treatments available. Heartworm treatment can be very hard on an animal so it is always in your pets better interest to be on a regular preventative.